“You Ever Dance With the Devil in the Pale Moonlight?

Can you believe that this year marks 25 years since Jack Nicholson’s Joker terrorized Gotham City? Metafilter has put together an incredible groups of links to stories, documentaries, trivia and retrospectives on the film that reinvented the Dark Knight on the silver screen.


Man in the Middle

Read the odd tale of Jacques-André Istel, who resides (according to him) at the center of the Earth.


Inside the Sled

In case the last few days made you wonder, here’s what the inside of a bobsled looks like.


Got A Case of the Mondays?

How did Bill Lumbergh and the rest of the staff at Initech influence how people think about work?


Little Bit of Awesome

Check out these movies boiled down into 8-bit GIFs.


And It Is Definitely A Delight

Jimmy Fallon has a habit of turning NBC News anchor Brian Williams into a rapper. This time, Fallon had Williams and NBC colleague Lester Holt doing "Rapper’s Delight," and it's probably the best version yet.


Homespun Wisdom

Not all of the old wives’ tales are nonsensical. These bits of folksy wisdom are actually true.