Sending GIFs in Gmail Just Got Easier With This Add-On

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A new add-on is finally making it possible to send GIFs directly through Gmail.

This life-changing app comes courtesy of Gfycat, the folks behind the popular GIF-making program GIF Brewery, and it's available to download on G Suite Marketplace now. It's conveniently compatible with both desktop and mobile, and, unlike the Chrome extension that fellow GIF platform GIPHY introduced in 2015, it's not limited to Chrome: you can use it on any browser.

Don't have Gmail? Gfycat has had an app for Outlook since 2017. And, of course, Gfycat's add-on is way faster than manually adding GIFs to messages by dragging the files from your desktop.

To add your favorite reaction GIF to a message, open the email you want to reply to, click the newly installed GIF button, and search for it in Gfycat's comprehensive database. You can also browse GIFs that are trending on the platform.

Enjoy adding a little fun to the otherwise soul-sucking task of responding to emails.