There Are Eight Stories

Kurt Vonnegut argued that human stories can be mapped out to track the journey of their main characters.
This graphic print lays out his eight different types of stories. The story examples for the “Man In Hole” story are a wonderful pair. (Via 22 Words)


Reading Is For Dummies...

If you’re Shakespeare in Klingon, or a book about the environmental practices of the Nazis, or one of these other stupid tomes.

Also: Here are 11 ironic and puzzling e-books.


Had Milk

The long-running “Got Milk?” ad campaign has finally been retired.


The Tangled Web Pixar Weaves

The internet has finally uncovered the true backstory of Andy’s mom in the Toy Story movies.


Ancient 8-Bit

Hear the Super Mario Bros. theme song played on the ancient instrument known as the sheng. Well done.


Selfies Are So 1920

See kids, you didn’t invent this either.


So Long, Egon

There are, rightfully, a ton of Harold Ramis tributes around the web today. He was a comedic legend and he deserves every single one. You’ve probably seen Groundhog Day and Caddyshack and Ghostbusters. But have you ever seen this film he directed? Not nearly as many people have, but it’s really funny. Just my opinion.