Samsung's Newly-Certified Screen Is Bendable and Unbreakable

Michele Debczak
Samsung / Samsung

Shattered phone screens are an unavoidable part of modern life for many, but Samsung wants to change that. As CNET reports, the tech company has been working on a bendable screen that doesn't crack on impact. The technology has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories, which means it's ready for commercial devices.

The screen, which bends like a sheet of plastic, consists of a durable OLED panel beneath a fortified window. Not only is the material flexible, but it's also virtually shatter-proof. Other bendable interfaces on the market tend to crack under stress; this Samsung display, on the hand, survived being dropped from 4 feet 26 times in testing without a scratch.

The groundbreaking material could lead to the reinvention of the flip phone. According to reports, Samsung is incorporating its flexible OLED screen into a phone that folds in half like a notebook without a seam breaking up the display.

Many brands have teased flexible phones in recent years, including Samsung. In 2016, Lenovo showed off a smartphone that curls around the wearer's wrist like a slap bracelet, and at 2013's Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung executives previewed their bendable OLED material in front of a live audience. Now that the technology has been certified, it may finally start appearing in Galaxy phones released in the future.

[h/t CNET]