It Burns So Good

Here’s why you love Sriracha.


Blue Bloods of the Sea

If you’ve ever received an injection from a doctor, the chances are you’ve benefitted from a sea creature with “a hidden chemical superpower”. Check out how horseshoe crabs have changed medical science.


Rockin’ in the U-S-A

Here is the favorite band of each of the 50 states.


The Man’s Middle Name is Hellion. Seriously.

Crispin Glover (George McFly, Bartleby, the most frightening Letterman guest ever) recently did a Reddit AMA where he shared a bunch of interesting insights and a talk show appearance where he discussed his disappointment at the ending of Back to the Future.


Penny For Your Thoughts

Or maybe it takes 11 fake plastic pennies for your thoughts. It’s tough to tell because the fake money market is really volatile


Timing Is Everything

Here are 50 photographs taken at the exact right moment.


OK, So We’ll Leave This One Out of the Next Winter Olympics

These guys put on their Speedos, swim caps and goggles and were all ready for some snow swimming. It turns out that can get pretty cold.