Though Queen Elizabeth II’s royal standing entitles her to the ultimate piece of headgear—a crown—you’re more likely to catch her wearing a bright and festive hat.

Since assuming the role of Queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms on February 6, 1952, it’s estimated that Her Majesty has donned at least 5000 different pieces of headgear—many of which have become topics of national conversation, especially once the Royal Ascot arrives. Each year, bookies take bets on which color hat the Queen will wear to the famed horse race. (This year, blue won.)

To celebrate the many looks of England’s beloved monarch, the folks at My Voucher Codes—a website offering coupons and discount codes for shoppers in the UK—put together this fascinating GIF, which showcases the Queen’s evolving looks over the years.

An Evolution of The Queen's Hat

An Evolution of The Queen's Hat, courtesy of My Voucher Codes