It’s A Bit of A Mess

Who would have ever thought that trading actual money for lines of code in a computer would be a poor financial investment


Making Good Time

Take a video tour of the U.S. Naval Observatory, where the official time we all use is maintained.


Be Big

If time and the universe and everything contained therein make you feel small and insignificant, allow Neil DeGrasse-Tyson to explain why you shouldn’t.


Justifying Your Pig Out Session With Math

Here is why you should always order the bigger pizza. I did that very thing last night. I’m a regular Pythagoras.


Why All the Questions?

How did Jeopardy come up with the backward answer-question format? Ken Jennings explores the origin.


How the Beginning Should Have Ended

Here is how Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins should have concluded.


David vs. Goliath: Basketball Edition

In this entertaining video a 7-foot tall basketball player uses his vastly superior height to show up a little kid. Then the kid comes right back and uses his vastly inferior height to embarrass the guy right back.