The Most Popular Baby Names by State

Jason English
Jesse Willmon/NickMom
Jesse Willmon/NickMom / Jesse Willmon/NickMom

Today's maps look at each state's most popular baby name, per Social Security Administration data. The 2013 name database should be out later this spring, so these stats are for 2012.

The top five boys names are Jacob, Mason, Ethan, Noah, and William, which owns the southeast.

On the girls' side, the #1 overall name was Sophia, which took many of the most populous states. But Emma (#2) dominated large swaths of the country. Isabella, Olivia, and Ava round out the top five.

If you're expecting and looking for a name that's not on this list, check out this post from last year: 11 Baby Naming Trends of the Past. I like Missouri as a girl's name.

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