A Wooly Return

It has been thousands of years since a wooly mammoth stalked around the Earth. But they may not be dead much longer. This article tells the story of the quest to bring back animals from extinction.



Speaking of bringing back extinct animals: Someone took Jeff Goldblum’s laugh from Jurassic Park and made a song out of it. Because why wouldn’t that happen? And, honestly, it’s pretty catchy.



John Travolta got a lot of flack for announcing Idina Menzel on the Oscars as “Adela Dazeem.” Now you can have him butcher your name, too. From here forward I shall be known as “Caitlin Parkinsmack.”


But Will It Still Taste the Same?

This interactive pizza ordering table is really cool. But is it cool enough to overcome their pizza?


Read Up

These fantastic quotes about books will remind you why you love to read.


Completing the Book

After you’ve finished reading a book, take a shot at finishing the book cover. Confused? Here are some creative examples.


Nerd Friends Don’t Suffer Poetic Exaggeration Lightly

And they’ll prove you wrong.