Grinding Peanut M&Ms in Extreme Slo-Mo

Chris Higgins
YouTube / Tested
YouTube / Tested / YouTube / Tested

Perhaps it's lunch time. Or snack time. Okay, it's definitely snack time. So here's an extremely straightforward video of some Peanut M&Ms being ground in a coffee grinder, shot using a super-high-speed camera. (First we see 700 frames per second, then 2,500 -- the latter is roughly 100x slower than realtime.)

Now, I know that candy crushing might sound boring (ahem), but at 2,500 frames per second, you can watch individual candies slowly losing integrity as they're battered by the grinder, ultimately resulting in a tasty-looking powder. I found myself rooting for certain candies that survived a long time...only to see them ground into nothingness. Prepare to spend two minutes getting hungry:

Also fun: note how the grinder appears to revolve in different directions based on the speed of the camera. I assume this is due to the wagon-wheel effect.

(Via Tested.)