Sweet and Sour

Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of John Candy's death. Relive his great moments with these favorite GIFs and five things you didn’t know about him.


A Different Type of Candy

Check out the story behind eight controversial candies.


This Ride Is Killer

No, really, it’s actually a killer. This roller coaster concept was designed to kill people. Here is a YouTube recreation of what it would be like to ride it.


A Mountain of Garbage

Climbers on Mt. Everest will soon be charged a trash and fecal tax.


“I Wish I Could Talk To Him”

It’s a sentiment famously expressed by Red during a parole hearing in The Shawshank Redemption. In this series of photographs, current inmates write a letter to their younger selves.


Food For Thought

Take a bite out of these interesting food facts.


You’re Not Just Freaking Out

This news report on marijuana from The Onion changes each time you watch it. I promise it’s worth it.