Straight From the Basement of the Alamo

Pee-wee’s bike is for sale on eBay.


Got A Little Time?

Make sure you check out this animated short that explains why time seems to slow down and speed up at certain moments.



I am posting this article on the most extreme golf hole I’ve ever seen because I truly believe that someday, somehow the weather will be warm again and people will be able to get outside to do things. It has to happen. Right?

Also: Here are 10 unusual golf courses and 15 great mini golf courses.


Disappearing Act

This infographic explains how to vanish from the internet.


PC Disney

Check out your favorite Disney films, renamed to be more politically correct.


Well, I Say

The monocle is on its way back.


Be A Middle Man

It’s impressive.


That's Genius!

In the lead up to 92Y's 7 Days of Genius program, Mental Floss's managing editor, Erin McCarthy, made some videos about her favorite geniuses. You can see her talk about some awesome female inventors in the video below.