People's (Relative) Favorite Book by State

Hannah Keyser
Scribd/Washington Post
Scribd/Washington Post / Scribd/Washington Post

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Alternate title: They love us in North Dakota!

Today's map is from Scribd, which is the Netflix of e-books. Scribd breaks down their findings by geography and demographics, allowing the Washington Post to create this map of the most popular books in each state, relatively speaking.

That last clause is important—the titles shown here are not the absolute favorites, which would be relatively consistent across state lines, but rather the book that's most popular in each state versus other states. While we're not sure why people in Alaska are so into ice cream cookbooks, we'd like to thank North Dakota's readers for being such big fans of The Mental Floss History of the United States.

The Afternoon Map is a new semi-regular feature in which we post maps and infographics. In the afternoon. Semi-regularly. Thanks to Scribd and Caitlin Dewey of the Washington Post for this one.