9 Geeky Robot-Themed Products You Need in Your Future


Calling all robot lovers: It's easier than ever to show your passion for all things 'bot at home, at work, or just walking down the street. Go ahead, treat yourself to one (or all) of these shiny and new robot-themed products.

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1. Schylling Metallic Robot Coin Bank

Schylling, Amazon

Use this shiny porcelain money bank to save up for a real robot of your own. It's 10 inches tall, so there's plenty of room for all those pennies.

Find it on Amazon for $23 and at these other retailers:

2. Betsey Johnson Kiss and Tell Robot Crossbody Bucket Purse

Betsey Johnson, Amazon

Futuristic fashionistas will love this faux-leather robot bag from Betsey Johnson featuring a studded 'bot with a big heart. Johnson must love robots herself, because she also makes another robot-shaped crossbody purse in gold that features a big circuit board heart and beaded arms, as well as a flashy robot-themed coin purse.

Find it on Amazon for $81 and at these other retailers:

3. Build Your Own Robot Kit

Here's a no-brainer: If you love robots, the best gift to get yourself is the materials to make your own. This kit from UncommonGoods has all the pieces you need to build a little robot buddy. From there, you can whatever use materials you have lying around the house to improve upon your creation. As the product description suggests, "Upcycle any old piece of unused hardware or spare parts to build a friendly little robot, bursting with geeky, goofy personality—a little bit like its maker?"

Find it at UncommonGoods for $15.

4. Honey & Brie Design Mr. Robot Enamel Pin

Honey & Brie Design, Amazon

This adorable robot has a big heart. Can you find room for him in yours?

Find it on Amazon for $10.

5. SUCK UK Tin Robot Lunch Box

SUCK UK, Amazon

Pack your lunch for a long day at the lab (or your coding class) inside this retro tin robot lunch box. It's the perfect size for a sandwich and some snacks.

Find it on Amazon for $20 or at these other retailers:

6. JWH Robot Pillow

JWH, Amazon

Snuggle up with this plush pillow and dream of electric sheep.

Find it on Amazon for $13.

7. DowBier Mini Robot Portable Bluetooth Speaker

DowBier, Amazon

This teeny, adorable Bluetooth speaker boasts 10 hours of playback and comes with a lanyard so you can hang it anywhere you like. It's available in three colors: navy, white, and pink.

Find it on Amazon for $19.

8. Kikkerland Robot Tea Infuser and Drip Tray

Kikkerland, Amazon

The adjustable arms of this stainless steel infuser hang on tight to the lip of your mug while your tea is steeping. It also comes with a drip tray to keep things neat after you take your 'bot out.

Find it on Amazon for $12.

9. Tovolo Robot Pop Flexible Silicone Popsicle Molds

Tovolo, Amazon

These silicone popsicle molds allow you to create four different robo-pops in your favorite flavors, with four unique robot-leg-shaped popsicle holders to complete the look. Everything is BPA-free and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Find them for $9 on Amazon and at these other retailers:

Save Up to 93 Percent on 8 Gaming Accessories and Enter to Win a Free Nintendo Switch Bundle


The Nintendo Switch is one of the hottest video game consoles of the past few decades, with worldwide sales topping 55 million (that's more than the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64, and it's only a few million behind the original NES). The problem with a console being so popular is that it's not always easy to spot one on store shelves. If you haven't had luck finding one in recent months, you can enter this contest to win your very own Nintendo Switch, along with a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a pair of Switch-compatible Logitech wireless headphones, and a $300 Nintendo gift card. Head here for more details.

While you wait to see who wins, check out these other great deals on gaming accessories.

1. Protective TPU Case for Nintendo Switch Console; $12 (20 percent off)

Geek Supply Co.

Once you get your Switch, you'll want to keep it in pristine condition. This protective case is made with shock-absorbent, flexible TPU for full protection against bumps, scratches, dust, fingerprints, and even the occasional toss in the heat of the moment.

Buy it: The Mental Floss Shop

2. Two-in-One Docking Station for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons; $16 (20 percent off)

Geek Supply Co.

The standard Switch will only charge one pair of Joy-Cons at a time, so if you've got a roommate always willing to hop in on a quick game of Mario Kart, you'll need this spare charging dock to make sure their controller is ready to go. The weighted base keeps the controllers stable so they’ll sit still to charge until you’re ready to play.

Buy it: The Mental Floss Shop

3. Four-in-One Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Dock; $18 (28 percent off)

Geek Supply Co.

Same as above, except this model charges two pairs of Joy-Cons at once. The easy-to-read red LED light lets you know it’s working, and the green lets you know it’s time to play.

Buy it: The Mental Floss Shop

4. Ultra-Slim 500-Game Retro Gaming Device (Red); $14

Atelier Delfina

This portable HD gaming device packs over 500 classic arcade games like Pac-Man, Contra, Tetris, and plenty more. And with five hours of battery life, you'll get plenty of nostalgia before needing a recharge.

Buy it: The Mental Floss Shop

5. Ninja Dragon Stealth 7 Wireless Silent Led Backlit Mouse (Black); $28 (30 percent off)


The precision (or lack thereof) of a mouse can make all the difference when gaming on a PC. This wireless model comes with a 1600DPI true gaming sensor, ultra-precise scroll wheel, and high-precision positioning to avoid any lag while in a game.

Buy it: The Mental Floss Shop

6. Gamecube Controller Adapter for WII/PC/Nintendo Switch; $10 (50 percent off)

Geek Supply Co.

A Nintendo Gamecube controller is still the best way to play any of the Super Smash Bros. titles, and with this adapter, you can use the old-school controllers on the Wii U or Nintendo Switch for an easy way to dive into multiplayer games. It also works for PC gaming.

Buy it: The Mental Floss Shop

7. Gforce 3 Professional 7200rpm USB 3.0/Esata External HDD (Black); $140 (11 percent off)

Fantom Drives

If you haven’t already, you’re going to want to back up all of your files to an external hard drive. This external HDD has 3TB of storage, meaning you likely won't run out of space even if you tried.

Buy it: The Mental Floss Shop

8. Core 17-Inch Gaming Backpack With Molded Panel; $110 (15 percent off)

Mobile Edge LLC

This bag was designed specifically to hold gaming laptops and consoles, plus their accessories, in three large storage sections and four side pockets. It also features an external USB charge port for instant power.

Buy it: The Mental Floss Shop

Prices subject to change.

This article contains affiliate links to products selected by our editors. Mental Floss may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. If you haven't received your voucher or have a question about your order, contact the Mental Floss shop here.

Save Up to 67 Percent on These 10 Back-to-School Essentials

My Miggo
My Miggo

Back-to-school time may feel a bit different this year, but the basics are still the same. Make sure you have everything you need, from lamps to external hard drives—and everything you didn't expect, like a webcam light—at a price you can handle. Whether you're studying from home while living on campus or going into class, here are the 10 best deals on college living essentials.

1. Bamboo 6-Piece Smart Pocket Sheets (Gray/Queen); $39 (67 percent off)

Bed Bath Fashion

Quality sleep is important to stay healthy and sharp during a packed day, and these bamboo and microfiber sheets will do the trick. You’ll rest even easier when you don’t have to search for the remote, your phone, or earbuds while lying in bed, since these sheets come with handy side pockets to stash equipment (or snacks) for easy access.

Buy it: The Mental Floss Shop

2. Ventifresh Eco: Next Generation Odor Eliminator (2-Pack); $96 (33 percent off)


Stinky roommates, hot equipment, and tight spaces where you microwave dinner beside your bed can lead to stale odors. This device, which was a hit on Indiegogo, uses NASA-inspired photocatalyst technology to purify the air anywhere.

Buy it: The Mental Floss Shop

3. Case Logic 14.1-inch Laptop Messenger Bag; $25 (73 percent off)

Case Logic

Protect your tech and your back with this nylon messenger bag. The ergonomically designed bag includes pockets for all your accessories and an easy-access magnetic closure. There’s space for your laptop, tablet, and supplies all in one nifty crossbody.

Buy it: The Mental Floss Shop

4. Gforce 3 Professional 7200rpm Usb 3.0/Esata External Hdd (Black); $140 (11 percent off)

Fantom Drives

There’s nothing worse than spending hours on a project, only to have it deleted in an unexpected software crash. Protect all of your data with this external hard drive, which boasts 3TB of space for your photos, videos, reports, and more.

Buy it: The Mental Floss Shop

5. Pictar Home-Office Kit; $90 (35 percent off)

My Miggio

If you could go back in time to talk to yourself a year ago, you’d probably never believe that work and school would be conducted like a FaceTime call—and you'd definitely give yourself a heads up to buy one of these Pictar sets with a wide-angle lens, lighting, and tripod to make video meetings easier to deal with.

Buy it: The Mental Floss Shop

6. Townew: The World's First Self-Sealing Trash Can; $105 (12 percent off)


If you have roommates, there’s no doubt that taking out the trash is a nuisance. It may be full to the brim with junk that’s not even yours, but it will sit for days while you wait for somebody else to step up for once and do their part. This automated bin is on your team, though; it will seal the old dirty bag on its own for you to neatly grab and then it populates a fresh bag in the bin on its own.

Buy it: The Mental Floss Shop

7. Bladeless Handheld Cooling Fan; $20 (50 percent off)

Home Essentials

This fan is not only effective, but it’s quiet enough to keep on during Zoom meetings without interruption. It will give your room a cool breeze without the buffering of traditional bladed fans, which means it’s also safe around kids and pets.

Buy it: The Mental Floss Shop

8. Jashen V16 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner; $160 (46 percent off)


This cordless vacuum cleaner will pick up grime from your hard floors and carpets, without the tangle or tug of a cord. The cordless cleaner runs on a rechargeable battery that can vacuum for up to 40 minutes, and the whole thing comes with multiple attachments to make cleaning tough spots, like in between couch cushions, even easier.

Buy it: The Mental Floss Shop

9. Thor Bottle Opener (Bronze); $11 (26 percent off)


Harness the power of Thor when you open your end-of-the-day drink. It will feel appropriate to use the tool of a superhero while you reflect on the heroic job you did that day.

Buy it: The Mental Floss Shop

10. Led Lamp With Wireless Charging; $40 (33 percent off)


Light the way wherever you look with this super mobile LED lamp, whether that's at your desk or in the common room. It includes a unique wireless charging pad for your phone and AirPods to juice up while you study.

Buy it: The Mental Floss Shop

Prices subject to change.

This article contains affiliate links to products selected by our editors. Mental Floss may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. If you haven't received your voucher or have a question about your order, contact the Mental Floss shop here.