Colin Powell's 60-Year-Old Selfie

"I was doing selfies 60 years before you Facebook folks."


Who Wants to Crush Things In A Tank With Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Who doesn’t? Now let’s sweeten the pot a bit. Who wants to crush things in a tank with Arnold Schwarzenegger for charity?

He’s an American hero.


Putting A Name With A Face

Finally all of those everyday emoji have been matched with the specific idea they’re trying to communicate.


All the World’s a Joke

Time is back with their annual Ideas issue featuring interesting and innovative epiphanies from various celebrities and thought leaders. I particularly agree with the idea espoused by Key & Peele.


Do Not Call Me Again

A telemarketer tells you exactly how to get rid of her and others like her.


News Flash: The Oceans Are Large

And finding a plane in one of them is like trying to find a needle in a mountain of hay.


Hot Films

A man was once trying to build an outdoor movie theatre in the middle of an Egyptian desert. The project was ultimately abandoned, but the progress still sits there for us to see.


Based on A True Story

Biopics are one of the most popular and recurring film forms. Here is a rundown of the best and worst examples. Which ones were forgotten? I really enjoyed Blow, Man On the Moon, The Aviator, and a number of others that were left off.