Yippee Pi Day! And a Happy B-Day to Our Favorite Genius!


It’s been a mighty fine two weeks for the mental_floss store as we’ve celebrated the Life of Pi with Pi Products of the Day and daily Slice of Pi tidbits from the very exciting and fulfilling life of this mathematical constant.

Here is What We've Learned:

That a talented, pun-loving artist named Kate Gabrielle can turn a Dean Martin croon into a mathemagical Floss-Exclusive tote.

That it’s easy to wear your love of pi in close proximity to your sleeve with handmade pi cuff bracelets.

That folks continue to enjoy a good ole edible pi—in both pizza and actual pie varieties.

That, while we may remember that, like pi, the need to shower is a constant, we may need to be reminded that so is the need to attractively display cheese.

That the aforementioned pun-loving artist also managed to turn “Life of Pi” into a sweet vision of a life filled with infinite happiness—what’s more, you can adorn either your wall (Floss-Exclusive Life of Pi Print) or yourself (Floss-Exclusive Life of Pi Tee) with it!

And Let's Not Forget The Birthday Boy!

We’ve added new Einsteinery to our already-respectable collection of super geniussy stuff in honor of our fave super genius.

You can wear Einstein socks (even though the man himself preferred not to wear socks at all). You can cuddle with Einstein. Or you can sport a presumably-Einstein-approved bow tie and spin under your new DJ pseudonym, MC Squared.

So, with many lessons learned, we bid you Yippee Pi Day, Mental Flossers!