In the Tank

Mark Cuban explains what happens during the filming of Shark Tank.


I Gotta Get Me Some of Those Internets

Check out David Gregory’s report from 1994 about the World Wide Web.

Also: In case you didn’t know, David Gregory really likes to dance. Check out the spin.


The Brain Purge

The human brain intentionally discards certain memories in order to keep itself quick and sane.


Speaking of Your Brain

Don’t dwell on these paradoxes for too long or your brain may very well explode.


The Magic Is In You

Check out Stephen King’s top 20 rules for writers. If you like this, his book On Writing is a good one, too.

Also: Could you read like this?


And I Would Walk 3000 Miles

This man walked across China and when he was done he looked considerably different. His feet probably hurt, too.


Something Something Something Something Something Macarena, Ohhhh Macarena

Read the translations of five hit songs and find out what you’ve been singing all this time.