Things Have Changed

Check out these odd and offensive old ads.


I Am Programmed To Tell You That You Stink

You thought robots were all supposed to be subservient butlers? These robots all make fun of you.


Pay the Teller

The silent half of the famous illusionist duo Penn & Teller just won a landmark lawsuit against another performer for stealing his magic trick.


Another Trick

Who owns and stocks this old vending machine?


From Your Childhood

Here are 10 obscure Muppet TV specials and a preview of the new 3D computer animated Peanuts film.


‘Toon TV

Seth Meyers recently used his new show to put on live stage adaptations of New Yorker cartoons.


Why Sports Matter

You should really read this amazing biography of Michigan State player Adreian Payne. He’s overcome an incredible amount in his life and has had an unbelievable impact on one very ill eight-year old little girl.

Also: On the opposite end of the spectrum, sports are also notable because they caused the President of a major university to do this.