Roman if You Want To

Sandy Wood

Put a little thought into today's Think Thursday Brain Game challenge and you'll come up with the right answer. Good luck!

When counting in Roman numerals from 1 to 2500, which Roman numeral "digit" (I, V, X, L, C, D, M) is used in the fewest numbers?

Here is the SOLUTION. 


"D" (500) is used the fewest times.

Only 1101 of the Roman numerals from 1-2500 use a "D."

By comparison, "I" appears at least once in 2000 of the Roman numerals from 1 to 2500. Here's the rest of the list:
V - 1250
X - 2050
L - 1250
C - 2050
D - 1101
M - 1601

Thanks for playing!