Card Magic

Watch this video and learn about the mathematical marvel that is unleashed every time a deck of playing cards is shuffled.


Is This the Future?

Surgeons are successfully implanting 3D printed skulls and planning to put people into suspended animation. I’m pretty sure we’re all living in a sci-fi movie.


That Nigerian Prince Is Really Bad With Money…

He just KEEPS going broke. An Ohio man fell for a “Nigerian phone scam” and you won’t believe who he tried to get help from in paying off the debt he racked up. I guess the very wise Michael Scott said it best.


These Signs Are “Great”

Misuse quotation marks and you completely change the meaning of what you’re writing.


For the Thirsty Zombie

This beer is made with BRAAAAAAAINNNNSSSS.


Album Art

The Wu-Tang Clan is about to release a new album, but they are only releasing one copy of it. Seriously. They are only going to create a single copy and sell it for millions of dollars as a piece of original art.


Speaking of Rap...

These mashups of classic literature and rap lyrics work surprisingly well together.