“I Like Escalators…”

“Because an escalator can never break—it can only become stairs.” If you know this joke then you are likely a fan of the late, great Mitch Hedberg, and you will absolutely love this ranking of nearly every joke he ever told.


Take It Slow

Check out the Slow Mo Guys setting off 150 mouse traps at once. It’s oddly beautiful and majestic.


The Force Was With Him

Steven Spielberg knew that Star Wars was going to be bigger than one of his own films. So he made a bet on it with George Lucas, and that bet has made him an incredible amount of money.


For the Win

A Florida news station got around a restriction on showing NCAA tournament highlights by recreating the game in a board room with a kids' basketball hoop. It’s very entertaining.


Seems So Obvious Now

A teenage student came up with an insanely easy way to save the government hundreds of millions of dollars.


TV Worlds Collide

Are Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead set in the same universe?


It’s Opening Day

Sure, there were a few games last week in Australia and a game last night, but for all intents and purposes, today is opening day in Major League Baseball. So let’s celebrate America’s pastime by looking at the secret lives of umpires, a brief history of presidential pitching, and some famous stadium icons.