Finally, a Measuring Cup Designed to Handle Sticky Ingredients

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Filling a measuring container with peanut butter (or cake batter, or jam, or honey, or sriracha) can feel pointless. You portion out the ingredient only to have a third of it stick to the cup when it comes time to dump it out, forcing you to either diverge from the recipe or awkwardly scoop it up with a finger. Luckily, Pampered Chef has come up with a better way.

The company's "measure-all" cup, spotted by Slate, is designed to meet all your baking needs. It's made of two components—an outer cylinder and a hollow, interior cylinder that slides up and down. If you want to measure out wet ingredients, use the end with the spout. For dry ingredients like sugar and flour, flip the vessel over so that the smooth round opening faces up with the sliding cylinder on the bottom.

The slide-able design means you can switch from a 1-cup to a 1/4-cup container in seconds—a game changer for any home cook with a kitchen drawer overflowing with measuring cups. But the real appeal comes from how it handles sticky foods. After filling up the dry side with an ingredient that tends to stick to any surface it touches, push up the bottom to empty it out. There are no nooks or crannies to clean out, and the flat bottom can easily be scraped off with a knife.

You can order the Pampered Chef measure-all cup from Amazon for $18. For more ways to make your life in the kitchen easier, check out these cooking hacks.

[h/t Slate]