Yesterday, Jon Favreau finally revealed some details about his much-anticipated, live-action Star Wars ​TV series.

For months now, we've ​known Favreau was both writing and executive producing an original live-action series, which is set to be released next year. But otherwise, in natural Star Wars franchise fashion, we haven't had many further details about the project.

Thanks to an October 4th Instagram post from Favreau, however, we now know the title and general storyline of his series, The Mandalorian:

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​​​According to The Hollywood Reporter, Favreau's project is just one of many live-action Star Wars series set to join Disney's streaming service, which will be the new home for Marvel films and original series, Pixar productions and Lucasfilm properties.

We're glad to finally have at least some information about what Favreau's series will be about and can't wait to hopefully learn more soon.