Looking for a Pay Raise? These Are America's Best-Paying Companies

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If you want to rake in the big bucks, you should head for Silicon Valley, not Wall Street, according to a new ranking of the highest-paying companies in America. As Thrillist reports, Google, Facebook, and Salesforce are the companies that provide their employees with the best compensation, as seen in the latest data from Comparably, a website that provides anonymous data on corporate compensation and culture.

Below is Comparably's list of the 20 best-paying large companies in the U.S.

1. Google (Mountain View, California)
2. Facebook (Menlo Park, California)
3. Salesforce (San Francisco)
4. Microsoft (Redmond, Washington)
5. Netflix (Los Gatos, California)
6. Apple (Cupertino, California)
7. Accenture (New York City)
8. Cisco (San Jose, California)
9. Intuit (Mountain View, California)
10. Chevron Corporation (San Ramon, California)
11. Bloomberg (New York City)
12. eBay (San Jose, California)
13. T-Mobile (Bellevue, Washington)
14. Hubspot (Cambridge, Massachusetts )
15. LogMeIn (Boston)
16. Zillow (Seattle)
17. Adobe (San Jose, California)
18. LinkedIn (Sunnyvale, California)
19. Zynga (San Francisco)
20. Goldman Sachs (New York City)

As you can see, the nation's best-paying companies are largely concentrated in just a small handful of places in the U.S. Twelve are headquartered in the San Francisco area (even non-tech companies like Chevron), three are in New York City, two are in Boston, and another two are based in the Seattle area. Those high salaries might look a little less attractive once you see what it costs to rent even a one-bedroom apartment in those areas. The vast majority of the companies are in the tech sector, though a few traditionally lucrative fields—like consulting and investment banking—also make a brief appearance.

There's some selection bias in the data, though. The rankings are drawn from anonymous reports from employees submitted to Comparably between September 2017 and September 2018. If no employees at a high-paying company used Comparably, that company wouldn't show up on the list. A 2018 analysis by 24/7 Wall Street that used data from a different compensation-reporting site, PayScale, came up with a significantly different list of companies. In that ranking, the software company VMware—number 25 on Comparably's list—came in at number one. So, there's definitely some wiggle room in the data. To see the full rankings, including the best small and mid-sized companies (meaning fewer than 500 workers) by compensation, head to Comparably.

[h/t Thrillist]