Joaquin Phoenix Spotted Clowning Around the Subway for Joker Film

Kwadar Ray
Emma McIntyre, Getty Images
Emma McIntyre, Getty Images / Emma McIntyre, Getty Images

The filming of the upcoming ​Joker film is going on and if you're anywhere near New York, you may catch Joaquin Phoenix in action.

Some filming ​already took place a couple weeks ago with Phoenix terrorizing the Big Apple, and now he has returned to a Brooklyn subway station.

Yesterday, the actor was seen running through the subway in his costume with a plethora of his adherents in clown masks waiting for him.

New footage from the chase scene that was being filmed was also released yesterday. The Joker's supporters are seen holding the infamous "Kill the Rich" signs, as an officer shouts to open the door.

The as-yet-untitled Joker film centers around the iconic archenemy of Batman and is an original, standalone story. Phoenix plays Arthur Fleck, a man disregarded by society in his view before his transformation into the Joker.

Fans seem to appreciate the Heath Ledger-like passion Joaquin is putting in for the movie.