Hit Me One More Time

We can all name the great one-hit wonder artists of all time. These are the best two-hit wonders.


It’s Better To Give

Bill and Melinda Gates talk about why they’re giving away their massive fortune.


Entourage With Asperger's”

That’s how Mike Judge, the man behind Office Space, Idiocracy, and Beavis and Butt-Head, describes his new show Silicon Valley.


An F For Funny

These test answers aren’t technically correct, but I think they should get partial credit for their wit and entertainment value.


How We Know It Went Bang

Ever wonder how exactly we know that the Big Bang occurred? Here is a video explanation.


The Anti-Black Friday

Check out these haunting photographs of desolate shopping malls.

Also: Here are some other interesting abandoned places.


Back to the Drawing Board

Katerina Kamprani is a designer that set out to make useful everyday objects annoying and useless.