The Weird Week in Review

Allegheny General Hospital
Allegheny General Hospital / Allegheny General Hospital

Man Survives Chainsaw in Neck

Tuesday afternoon, James Valentine was cutting a tree in Ross Township, Pennsylvania, when his chainsaw kicked back and hit his neck. He immediately released the saw, but the chain was stuck in his flesh. The other crew members from Adler Tree Service removed the chainsaw motor from the blade, and emergency responders took him to the hospital with the blade still embedded.

Dr. Christine Toevs treated Valentine at Allegheny General Hospital. When he arrived the chainsaw was still stuck in his neck, which is exactly what needed to happen. The chainsaw had to stay in place to stop the bleeding until doctors removed it. “In his case, blessedly, he missed every important structure,” said Toevs.

Valentine is expected to recover in a few days, and plans to get right back to work.

A New Geep in Ireland

The Irish Farmers Journal reports on a strange baby born on Paddy Murphy’s farm. New lambs were being born, but one looks like a goat. The goat-sheep cross, or “geep,” is a week old and already showing nubs where his horns will grow. The lamb-kid may look like a goat, but his mother loves him. According to Wikipedia, such hybrids happen, but are usually stillborn. Sheep have 54 chromosomes and goats have 60. In the few rare cases of surviving crosses, the hybrid had 57 chromosomes. No doubt scientists will want to take a look at Paddy Murphy’s new geep.

Cat Rescued from Sofa Five Days Later

Pauline and Bill Lowe of Corringham, England, donated two couches to the St Luke's Hospice charity shop in Grays, Essex. One of the couches had to be disassembled to get it through the door, and reassembled after it was outside. The Lowes' cat Crockett was soon noticed missing, but they couldn’t figure out where he might have gone. The couches went to the shop, and one was bought four days later. The new owners set up the couch in their home. The next day, they heard a “meow” coming from the sofa! The owner had to tear material from the bottom of the couch to get the cat out. The ten-year-old cat appeared to be in good condition, and by contacting the thrift shop, Crockett was soon reunited with the Lowes.

Darth Vader Candidacy Rejected by Ukraine

The transitional government of Ukraine has scheduled national elections for May 25, and so far there are 23 candidates running for the office of president. One who qualified for candidacy was Darth Vader, nominated by the Internet Party. Vader, an electrician who changed his name from Viktor Shevchenko in March, completed the application accompanied by the required 2.5 million hryvni ($227,000 US). The election commission of the transitional government in Ukraine has rejected Vader’s candidacy, citing “questionable” parts of the application. Vader has made plenty of public appearance in full Darth Vader dress, accompanied by a retinue of followers dressed as various Star Wars characters.

Chicken Crosses Road, Apprehended for Jaywalking

A chicken crossed the road in Corpus Christi, Texas, in full view of police officer David Saldana, at about 2PM on Sunday. Officer Saldana attempted to ticket the chicken for jaywalking, but the suspect fled on foot and flew into the window of an unoccupied vehicle. The chicken was thwarted in its attempt at grand theft auto because there were no keys in the ignition. Saldana apprehended the chicken and transported it to Animal Care Services.

Stroke Patient Hears Organ Donation Discussed

Forty-three-year-old Jimi Fritze suffered a stroke two years ago. He could hear, but couldn’t move. Doctors at Sahlgrenska hospital in Sweden examined a brain scan and told Fritze’s girlfriend that there was no hope. When family members came in to bid him goodbye, a doctor raised the subject of donating Fritze’s organs. A different doctor thought he might survive, and prescribed cortisone. Three weeks later, Fritze had recovered enough to communicate. Now he has lodged a complaint to the health and welfare board of Sweden, in hopes that this sort of thing does not happen again.