E.T. Landfill Home

The world may soon finally know if a New Mexico landfill is the final resting place of a bunch of E.T. Atari cartridges. The people demand to know.


Worth Way More Than 1000 Words

Every one of these photographs is endlessly fascinating and illustrate just how much things have (or haven’t) changed.


Lego My Coffee

After seeing this, why would you ever drink your coffee out of any other kind of mug?


History in the Hoosier State

The home of a 91-year-old Indianapolis man has been raided by the FBI. Inside was an amazing collection of cultural artifacts from all over the world—some of which seem to have been ill-gotten.


The Brief Bard

If your main issue with the works of Shakespeare is that they are too long, then you’ll really enjoy each of his plays being boiled down to a three-panel comic strip.


Change the Way You Look At the World

Stare at this disorienting video for a minute and your entire world will change.



Relive David Letterman’s six most iconic interviews. Then , check out this very old Today show segment on weathermen starting at the 3:40 mark to see Letterman in his days as an Indiana weather prognosticator.