Charting the Many Varieties of Whiskey on One Giant Poster

Pop Charts Lab
Pop Charts Lab / Pop Charts Lab

Over 200 kinds of whiskey are mapped by origin and style in this striking new poster from Pop Chart Lab. The levels of complexity inherent in the history of drink become apparent as American whiskey is whittled down to Jim Beam Bourbon and Scotch Whisky distills into The Glenlivet.

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In addition to the original poster, true connoisseurs of the elixir can get a limited edition engraved-wood version that mimics the appearance of a distillery whiskey barrel. The same detailed taxonomy of whiskeys is laser-engraved on sustainably harvested cherry ply, outfitted with metal cask straps, housed in a custom red oak frame with chambered edges and walnut splines, and finished off with a center piece of real cork.

Either option is sure to appeal to people who like their whiskey neat, both in a glass and on a wall.