You Can Swap Out the Rims of These 3D-Printed Sunglasses to Fit Your Mood

Michele Debczak
Wires / Wires

A UK-based startup is offering a more sustainable alternative to your disorganized sunglasses collection. Instead of just selling complete pairs of glasses, Wires has built its brand on single-wire frames that can hold different rims in various styles. And as Fast Company reports, each set of rims is 3D-printed, making them easier on the environment than conventional specs.

Founder Yair Neuman got the idea for the company in 2016, after crafting himself a pair of sunglasses out of materials he had around him—including a piece of wire. Model Lily Cole and entrepreneur Kwame Ferreira joined the team as cofounders and today Wires offers modular glasses in three distinct styles.

Each pair of glasses from Wires comes with a stainless steel wire frame. If you can't decide between a style, you can pop out the rims and fit the wire with new ones to update your look. While most glasses manufacturers make their frames by punching shapes out of materials and tossing out the scraps, Wires's 3D-printed rims produce less waste. Every part of the product is also recyclable.

A full pair of Wires glasses is about $195, and the rims on their own cost $65 a pair.

[h/t Fast Company]