The Most Popular Medical-Themed Shows in Each State, Mapped

Weiss & Paarz
Weiss & Paarz / Weiss & Paarz

Medicine is one of those few career fields that has inspired an entire television genre dedicated to it. Since City Hospital first aired in 1951, it has been followed by countless other shows set in hospitals, doctor's offices, medical tents, and other healthcare workplaces.

In honor of the enduring appeal of the genre, malpractice law office Weiss & Paarz mapped out the most popular medical-themed shows around the country based on Google Trends search data from the past year. To see which show is most popular in your home state, check out the full map below.

Despite being off the air for six years, it seems House has the most widespread appeal, topping searches in eight states, including California, Montana, and Virginia. ER, the longest-running primetime medical drama in American television history, is the favorite show of seven states, followed by Night Shift, which is most-loved by six states. Other shows are most popular in the states where they're set, with Hart of Dixie coming in No. 1 in Alabama and Miami Medical winning over Florida.

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