Surely This Is A Joke

Is KFC really selling chicken corsages for high school proms???


Spend the Night on Snake Island

You’ve read about Snake Island here before. Now see video of the island’s history, learn about the legend that surrounds it, and watch people actually stay the night there. Just know that the video contains a little bit of NSFW language.


The Job That Pays…

When it ends. If you work for Amazon and you hate your job, they might pay you $5,000 to just go away.


Pranks Are America’s Real Favorite Pastime

Check out the prank that an entire baseball team played on one of its players.


Word Up

These themed word lists will have you have you unfurling unparallelled acts of lyrical prestidigitation in no time.


Another Criminal Toddler Walks Free

Well, crawls. Officials in Pakistan have decided against charging a nine-month old boy with attempted murder.


April 14, 1865: President Lincoln Is Assassinated

Today is the anniversary of the day Abraham Lincoln was killed by an assassin at Ford’s Theatre. Here is where you need to go to see the scattered artifacts of that terrible event.