Pretty Little Trees: A Statistical Analysis

The 538 blog took a look at the math surrounding The Joy of Painting and its mellow, afroed host, Bob Ross.

Also: Here are five happy little stories about Bob Ross.


That Old :)

The first smiling emoticon may have been typed out all the way back in 1648. Take a look at this and judge for yourself.


Long Live the King

If you’re a fan of Stephen King, you’ll enjoy this ranking of all 64 of his books.


Google Eye

The next stage of Google Glass may be to embed microcameras into contact lenses. Google has already filed for a patent.


Serenity Now

Take a minute, take some deep breaths and take a look at these beautiful nature GIFs.


Why We Stink At Predicting Technology

This 1981 magazine cover shows just how wrong we get it.