Get Your Cat in Touch With Their Inner Ghostbuster With This Ghost Trap Feeder

Michele Debczak
If Industries
If Industries / If Industries

Even if your cat prefers feasting on kibble to the souls of the dead, they'll love this cat feeder, spotted by Geekologie. The ghost trap automatic pet feeder from If Industries is a replica of the trap used in Ghostbusters, but instead of releasing vengeful spirits when it opens, it gives your pet access to food.

Similar to other automatic pet feeders, the Ghostbusters feeder allows you to decide when your cat eats—either by setting a timer or opening it remotely. The product connects to WiFi, so it can be activated via a text, tweet, or email (or you can do Ray Parker Jr. proud and give the box a call).

The feeder is a great option if you're not always home to feed your pet—but the sight of your cat eating out of a ghost trap is also worth viewing in person. The product is still a prototype for now, but If Industries hopes to publish an open source version of the design sometime in the future so cat owners can build their own ghost traps at home. In the meantime, Ghostbusters fans have their choice of swag if they're looking to deck out their home.

[h/t Geekologie]