An Hour-Long Tour of the ISS

Chris Higgins
YouTube / sebastiansz
YouTube / sebastiansz / YouTube / sebastiansz

Today's space treat: a tour of the International Space Station by Dutch astronaut André Kuipers. Check out all the Velcro, stickers, and massive loads of gear stored everywhere. Kuipers floats gracefully through the station, showing us how things work and how it's all laid out. It takes him an hour to get through it all, and gives us a really good look at how the ISS astronauts live and work.

My favorite part: at 3:45, Kuipers finds some misplaced raisins on an air-intake panel. Mmm, space raisins. The space kitchen (a Velcro-equipped drafting table) is shown around 18:45.

If you want to follow along with the various modules named by Kuipers, consult Wikipedia's handy list. See also: A Guided Tour of Space Station Alpha ("only" 25 minutes).