Netflix Declares November 6th as Stranger Things Day

Kwadar Ray
Netflix / Netflix

It didn't take long for Stranger Things to take the world by storm. With just two seasons to its credit, the throwback sci-fi series has garnered multiple awards and constant praise for its clever storylines and excellent acting—and has proven to be a great investment for Netflix.

Now, the streaming service is showing its appreciation for Eleven and the gang by declaring an official day dedicated to the series. On Thursday morning, ​Netflix released a teaser video that officially declared November 6, 2018 as the first-ever Stranger Things Day.

The teaser is made up of clips from the ​first and second seasons, as well as some fan appreciation for the series, including images of people dressed up in Stranger Things costumes for Halloween.

If you're wondering how that day was picked, the video shows that November 6, 2018 will officially mark the 35th anniversary of Will Byers's disappearance into the Upside Down.

There's a possibility that Netflix will use the day to finally share some details about Stranger Things's highly anticipated third season, which has not officially been given a trailer or release date.

​​However, we do know the show is expected to ​premiere some time next summer.