In Action

You’ve read about the terrifying rides at the notorious Action Park amusement park in New Jersey. Now you can check out this rare footage of people riding the legendary looping tube slide.


Through the Open Door

The movies would have you believe that when a plane door is opened in mid-flight that everything inside the plane is instantly sucked straight out of the plane in one single instant. Popular Mechanics explores what would really happen.


Easter for Eggheads

These Easter eggs are totally nerdtastic.


Short on Time?

Skip Wikipedia and just read TL;DR Wikipedia.


The Search For Answers

Check out 10 baffling unsolved mysteries.


Held Hostage

This man has been imprisoned in Texas for the last 33 years without a conviction.


Euphegenia Returns

Robin Williams seems set to return in a sequel to 1993’s Mrs. Doubtfire.