In Mascot News…

The Secret Service once threatened to kill Mr. Met.

Plus: Here’s how the NBA playoffs will go according to the ferocity of the teams' mascots.


Woo-Hoo, Woo-Hoo, Woo-Hoo

The coolest, craziest cartoon duck around (deal with it, Donald) just had a birthday. See his first appearance ever.


Living the High Life

I would trade my current home for one of these amazing treehouses in an instant.


The Psychopath Whisperer

Kent Kiehl is a neuroscientist who has spent the last two decades listening to psychopaths. Check out his interview about the new book he’s written.


Pie Pie?

No. Pizza cake.


Coming Soon

New trailers for season two of Orange Is the New Black and the film version of the Broadway hit Jersey Boys.


The Perfect Dog Watcher

How to make sure your dog doesn’t escape through the hole in the fence.