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What Was Your Most Memorable Celebrity Encounter?

Jason English

On Fridays, we ask a series of unrelated questions. Your answers help get us through the afternoon. Answer one, answer all, or ask your own question. On to this week's topics...

1. On my third birthday, my dad spotted Mickey Mantle at the Peoria Airport and asked if he'd shake my hand. He said something like, "I bet he wishes I was Mickey Mouse!" I've yet to top that, though I have seen Dr. Ruth on two occasions (we did not speak). What's your best/worst story of meeting someone famous?

2. As a child, what terrified you most? Little Juliet was not a fan of Tigger during our recent trip to Disney World. I've always been pretty scared of snakes, to the point that Erin McCarthy knows she's editing any snake-related stories that come in.

3. Is there something you've been wondering, but not enough to actually look it up? Do you have any questions we could answer in our Big Questions series?

4. Your turn! If you've got a question for the group, ask it here. And if you're in a voting mood, we're up for a Webby Award and could really use your help. You can vote for mental_floss here. I'd really like to tell my relatives we beat The New Yorker in something. Thanks everybody! Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!