7 Vintage Easter Commercials

Chris Higgins
YouTube / tracy80sgirl
YouTube / tracy80sgirl / YouTube / tracy80sgirl

Let's look at some old commercials selling Easter-themed stuff, shall we?

Care Bears

These kids are overly knowledgeable about the proper names of each Care Bear.


"Thanks, Easter Bunny."

PAAS Easter Egg Coloring Kit

This is the proper way to dye Easter eggs....

Shake an Egg

...And this scares me.

Kinder Surprise

Me scrooble now. (Note: I have no idea how old this is. It's just amazing.)

'59 Plymouth

Let's get a woman's point of view on the best car for...Easter?!

Chevrolet Corvair

Let's hire the world's creepiest Easter Bunny to freak out these kids. (Oddly enough, this appears to have been posted by a Corvair enthusiast. It's the car that was a well-known subject of Ralph Nader's Unsafe at Any Speed.)