Today is the 25th Anniversary of the Game Boy

Nick Greene
YouTube / YouTube

On April 21st, 1989, Nintendo released the Game Boy in Japan (it wouldn't come out in America for another couple of months). As subtraction experts will tell you, that means today marks the 25th anniversary of the handheld gaming system. It also means we have an excuse to revel in nostalgia—It was a simpler time back then, back when men were men and games were boys.

To wit, check out this 1989 commercial for Game Boy, as well as "the OUTRAGEOUS new game, Tetris":

That teen looked pretty thrilled to be in a fiery post-apocalyptic war zone. Also, what did the poor robot do to deserve being killed? He just wanted to play video games.

If that that doesn't sufficiently feed your nostalgia hole, this (via TIME) surely will: