What Happens After "That's a Wrap"?

Some of them live on as tourist attractions and others just sit and rot.


The Strange Tale of Pervert Dave

When he passed away recently, the interesting moniker in his obituary sparked a lot of curiosity and attention. This guy’s story sounds like something out of a Johnny Cash song.


We All Need A Hobby

This man’s just happens to be his quest to own every single VHS copy of the film Speed. So far he has over 500 of them.


Other People Just Spin Pens

See? We all need a hobby.


Everything Must Go

Check out these eerie photos of abandoned shopping malls.


Insane People: The Rattlesnake Roundup

Check out pictures from the annual event where insane people purposely go looking for snakes. The guy with the guitar is quite literally living my nightmare.


Drip… (Skip Ahead 13 years)... Drip

The world’s longest science experiment recently had some very rare results.