A Giant Map of Where to Drink in New York

Hannah Keyser

[click to enlarge, or see a super huge version here]

Display the splendor of New York City's imbibing options on your wall with Pop Chart Lab's latest poster, which intricately maps over 200 "artisanal purveyors of alcohol" throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. A handy color-coded key identifies the institutions as cocktail lounges, wine bars, biergartens, tequila bars, whiskey joints or some combination of those.

"We had seen maps of famous drinking spots in New York that mainly just feature old historic bars, which can be good environments but not great as far as alcohol goes," the creative team behind the design says. "We also have seen lists of cool craft beer/cocktail spots but we hadn't seen all this combined in a visually interesting map."

Notice that Brooklyn is rife with biergartens while cocktail lounges rule downtown, and consider the whole thing your alcoholic activity bucket list.