It Was Only A Matter of Time

The characters from Frozen have finally been edited into a video where they perform the "Thriller" dance. It’s about time, internet.


Skyscraper Squatters

There are 3000 homeless people living in an abandoned skyscraper in Venezuela. Check out this series of photographs of the homes they’ve built there.


Poetry That Counts

The audience at a local poetry reading is way too nice to let this prank poet go on this long.


School is Cool

These amusing teachers make learning much more entertaining.



These infographics don’t deliver any hardcore data, but they are entertaining. And boy oh boy is the Ikea one accurate.


Colbert Goodbye

Stephen Colbert—the fake right-wing version, not the normal guy new host of Late Show version—stopped by The Daily Show last night to announce that he’s ending his show and his plan to live “boxcar to boxcar.”


Quite A Ride

The world’s longest conveyor belt is 61 miles long.