John Oliver's Last Week Tonight Rules

Chris Higgins
YouTube / LastWeekTonight
YouTube / LastWeekTonight / YouTube / LastWeekTonight

I'm going to keep this brief. If you have HBO, or a friend with HBO, or you can find a bar with HBO, you need to watch John Oliver's new show Last Week Tonight. It is flat-out hilarious and surprisingly informative. In its first episode (linked below) I actually learned a bunch of stuff about the election in India and the history of false advertising—and I laughed my ass off.

As a resident of Oregon, I howled with laughter at this line concerning our terribly broken health care website: "That has got to be a bitter pill to swallow for the people of Oregon. Or it would be if they could get the pill, but they can't, because their sh***y website is broken." Simply put, this is The Daily Show, but with swearing, a British accent, and a merciless wit. Watch the premiere episode by clicking the thingy below (it's on YouTube, but not embeddable, and presumably will only be up for a limited time).

The show airs on Sunday nights at 11pm on HBO. Sunday continues to be an insanely good night for TV, folks.