This May Sounds Cheesy

There’s a restaurant in Melbourne, Australia that supposedly delivers grilled cheese sandwiches from above with parachutes attached to them.


Sliding Through the City

The city of Bristol, England decided to shut down a main street and built a 300-foot-long water slide.


The Man Who Built the Falcon

Roger Christian is largely responsible for the look of the original Star Wars films.


Truth to Power

Here are the best jokes from the recent White House Correspondents dinner. A few of them are slightly NSFW.


Not A Smart Move?

Stephen Hawking thinks that the invention of Artificial Intelligence might be a really dumb move by humans.


Saving Mankind

Physicist and cosmologist Sir Martin Rees might very well agree with Hawking. He believes that humanity’s time may be drawing to a close, but he’s working to prevent our demise. So, thanks for that.


What’s Your Point, Buzzfeed?

If you’ve ever been perplexed or annoyed by Buzzfeed, then this post will take that to a new level. Seriously, what is going on here? What am I missing?