The Most Desirable College in Each State

ecollegefinder / ecollegefinder

Today's map comes from eCollegeFinder, which set out to find the "most desirable" school in each state, at least in terms of how many people try to get in. So they highlighted the school in each state that received the most applications in the fall of 2013. Some of the logos might not be familiar, so here's a link to the details, including the number of applications and acceptance rate for each school.

Here are the top five schools overall:

1. University of California – Los Angeles – 72,676 applications
2. New York University – 57,552
3. Pennsylvania State University – 47,552
4. Northeastern University – 47,364
5. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor – 46,813

The Afternoon Map is a semi-regular feature in which we post maps and infographics. In the afternoon. Semi-regularly. Thanks to Mike at eCollegeFinder for sending this one over.