The Weird Week in Review

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West Midlands Police
West Midlands Police / West Midlands Police

Peregrine Falcons Born in Police Custody

The West Midlands Police caught a man trying to smuggle 14 rare peregrine falcon eggs out of Britain through the Birmingham International Airport. The eggs were reported to the wildlife rescue unit, but until they arrived, the eggs were kept warm on a computer terminal at the airport. But the chicks could not wait -eleven of the eggs hatched before the wildlife unit arrived! The birds will eventually be released in their natural habitat.

Cannibal Cop Now a Prison Chef

Former NYPD officer Gilberto Valle was convicted in 2012 on charges of conspiracy to kidnap, murder, cook and eat women. He is in prison, but has not yet been officially sentenced, as the court tries to decide whether to grant him a new trial. Valle insists that the conspiracy was all fantasy, and indeed, none of his plans were ever acted upon. Meanwhile, Valle is working during his time at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, by cooking breakfast and lunch for other inmates. They occasionally rib him about what’s on the menu.

Separated Twins Reunited 78 Years Later

Ann Hunt and Elizabeth Hamel were born to an unwed servant named Alice in 1936 in Aldershot, United Kingdom. Ann was adopted, but Elizabeth had a curvature of the spine which made her unadoptable, so she was raised by relatives. Ann did not know she was adopted until she was 14, and did not know she had a twin until Elizabeth contacted her last year. The 78-year-old twins finally got to meet each other on May first. The Guinness people say this is a world record for the longest-separated twins ever.

New Dog Center’s First Resident is a Cat

Dogs Trust, an animal rescue organization in England, is building a new dog shelter in Essex. It is expected to officially open for business in June and take in dogs who need homes. But a cat, who knows a good thing when she finds it, has already decided to make it a home. The staff calls her Dog the Mog. 

Centre manager Maria Wickes said she was not surprised that Dog the Mog had decided the centre was "a good place to set up home". "One morning this skinny kitty just arrived at the gates and she has made frequent visits ever since," she said. "It is ironic that our first unofficial resident would be a cat, but we are all animal lovers and we adore her, even if she meows rather than barks at us each morning."

She hopes that someone will recognize Dog and claim her, but if not, she will be welcome to stay when the dogs arrive.

A Ham, Cheese, and Cocaine Sandwich

Police in Benidorm, Spain, arrested an unnamed Colombian man at a bus station on suspicion of drug trafficking. The evidence: a ham and cheese sandwich that contained nine capsules holding over 100 grams of cocaine! A search of the man’s house turned up another kilo of cocaine and some cannabis. Policia Nacional released a picture of the sandwich.

Runaway Dog And Loose Cow Lead California Police On Wild Chases

On Tuesday, California Highway Patrol officers near Sacramento had to shut down a portion of Highway 50 due to a stray dog. Police were recorded on video chasing the dog down the highway, but the canine left the highway and evaded capture.

Then on Wednesday, police were led on another animal chase as a cow was reported loose on Highway 99. The CHP and officers from the Elk Grove Police Department chased the cow for four hours. They finally called in an expert -a cowboy on horseback, who lassoed the cow. That incident was also captured on video.