11 Bizarre Ways Tetris Has Been Played

YouTube / Nathan Pryor
YouTube / Nathan Pryor / YouTube / Nathan Pryor

Tetris has cost me many hours. And I wasn't playing it on a pumpkin! Here's a roundup of the weirdest ways we've seen Tetris played—share yours in the comments.

1. On a Business Card

This is the Arduboy, a tiny prototype computer that's the size of a business card. Although the buttons and screen are tiny, that's definitely real Tetris. Complete with sound!

2. On a Skyscraper in Philadelphia

If tiny Tetris isn't your thing, how about gigantic Tetris?

3. On a Pumpkin

Built for Halloween 2012, Pumpktris is a full version of Tetris built into a Jack-o-Lantern. It's playable using the pumpkin's stem as a handle. And you can build your own (warning: extremely complicated).

4. Using People as Tetrominoes

Artist Guillaume Reymond has "performed" a bunch of video games using people and stop motion. Behold, Human Tetris (complete with "next" box in upper right:

5. Using Gummy Bears

Tetris is only a brief part of this gummy bear stop motion extravaganza made by Sam Q. Kim:

6. Using Waffles

One of Ten Tetris Treats is this DIY waffle version. No video, just a still. Because, let's face it, this game is going to end in a flood of syrup.

Image courtesy of Technabob.

7. Way Too Fast

This is a Tetris "line race," which you can file under "I didn't know humans could do this." What you're seeing here is a person trying to clear 40 lines in the minimum possible time. This is actually happening:

8. At MIT (On Another Building)

MIT is famous for its hacks. Perhaps the biggest is this transformation of the Green Building into a Tetris game. You can read all about this hack from MIT.

9. At Burning Man

At Burning Man, giant 20-foot "versus" matches of Tetris are held. Here's an example, though apparently in 2008 the game required players to climb a tower, and also projected players' images above their stacks. Anyway, here's a video from 2010's Burning Man Tetris:

10. Without Seeing the Stack

In some versions of Tetris: The Grand Master, the stack of tetrominoes at the bottom becomes invisible, forcing the player to memorize the positions of all the placed pieces (!). If you can survive this, you are truly a Tetris (Grand) Master.

11. Upside Down or Sideways

First Person Tetris is a bit funky; you rotate the entire world rather than the piece. Here's the least annoying playthrough video I could find, and you can try it yourself if you like!