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Suspected Explosion Turns Out to be Just a Mess

Firefighters in Calgary, Alberta, responded to a call about a possible house explosion Tuesday. A driver passing through the area phoned the report in when he saw a house with a yard covered in debris. Police and paramedics also responded, and evacuated the neighborhood. The homeowner was not around, so firefighters donned hazmat suits to enter the home. There was no evidence of an explosion. It turns out that the yard always looks like that, according to neighbors. The occupant is a hoarder, and the city bylaw has a cleanup with fees and fines against the homeowner planned.   

Man Calls 911 to Buy Marijuana

A 911 dispatcher in Washington County, Oregon, received a call from a man asking where he can buy marijuana. It’s possible that he accidentally dialed the wrong number, but when the dispatcher informed him who he’d called, he wasn’t deterred.

911: Do you realize you called the police department? Man: No I didn’t. That’s very interesting. Well, let me ask you the same question. (long pause) It’s a legitimate question. 911: Which question is that? Man: Where can I buy some marijuana this morning?

The dispatcher did not know where he could buy pot. Still, Hillsboro police were dispatched to the call’s location to check on the man. Presumably they did not arrest him on marijuana charges because he obviously didn’t have any, but he could have been cited for misusing the emergency phone line.

Hero Cat Honored by Baseball Team

Tara, the cat who chased an attacking dog away from a little boy on Tuesday, has been invited by the hometown baseball team, the Bakersfield Blaze, to throw out the first pitch at next Tuesday night’s game. It will be a promotional night for pet charities, and those who bring in pet food or toys to donate will receive a discounted ticket. But who got the idea that a cat who doesn’t even have opposable thumbs can throw a ball? Not a problem: The cat will be permitted to receive help in the task from her family.

Cheeseburger with Extra Marijuana

A couple in Ottumwa, Iowa, bought a cheeseburger at McDonalds and took it to police, alleging that it was sprinkled with marijuana. A sample has been sent to a laboratory for analysis, but it won’t be back for a month. One McDonalds employee was found to have drug paraphernalia, but no marijuana was found at the food outlet.

Police said a sample of the substance was sent to the Division of Criminal Investigation for analysis. They said if the substance is marijuana it's a mystery why anyone would do this. Police said they are looking at everyone from the employees at the restaurant to the couple who reported the problem.

Falling Coffin Injures Six

Ambulances were called to a funeral in the town of Ronda, in the Andalusia region of Spain, when the coffin fell on a group of mourners. The coffin of an unidentified man who died at the age of 73 had been placed on a platform two meters above ground, and mourners could climb stairs to pay their last respects. A metal ladder collapsed and sent the entire platform falling. Six people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The funeral, attended by about 50 people, proceeded as planned after the emergency.

31-year-old Arrested for Attending High School

Last October, a student named “Charite Stevens” enrolled as a sophomore at New Life Christian School in Longview, Texas. She was accompanied by her guardian when she enrolled, and said she was born in 1997. Tuesday morning, police opened an investigation when the person with which she was living called officers to evict her. It was determined that the woman is actually 34-year-old Charity Johnson. She was arrested for giving false information to the police. The principal of the school said that Charite was a good student and had been paying $24 a month, although the private school’s tuition is $150 a month. No one at the school suspected the sophomore wasn’t a teenager. Tamica Lincoln, who took Johnson in, also thought she was a teenager in need until she recently began to suspect her of using a false identity. No one knows the motive behind Johnson’s masquerade.